Accurate Skin Tones with Sony FS100

The Sony FS100 is a fantastic camera. In Philip Bloom’s Large Sensor shootout, it held up very well against the more expensive Canon C300 and Sony F3. While it is becoming a proven tool, a common complaint of the FS100 has been the reddish skin tones. It looks like Frank Glencairn’s G-Log profiles also help solve this. I haven’t tried them yet, but I have found a recipe of my own that I think gives a nice flat(ish) profile with accurate skin tones. The full logistics are below the vimeo example.

Strapping Color Profile

Black Level: +5

Gamma: Cinematone1

Black Gamma: High, +3

Knee: 97.5%, Slope: -1

Colormode: Cinematone2, Level: 8

Color Level: -4

Color Phase: -1

Color Depth:  R -7, G -6, B -6, C 0, M -2, Y +5

Detail: -4

I think the key was lowering the R and M values on the color depth. I’m going to keep tinkering for a flatter version of this and I am always open to new suggestions.

Thanks for reading.


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