Sony FS100 firmware 2.0 improves picture quality? | Strapping Picture Profile

I updated my FS100 profile and I immediately noticed a shift in my go-to picture profile. It looks a little more saturated, sharper and, to my eye at least, much better. I took a quick test at my friend Louis Wall’s studio. The profile featured is below the video…

Black Level: 0 (shot at +10 but I’ve learned my lesson since then)
Gamma: Cinematone1
Black Gamme: High, +7
Knee: 100%, -1
Color Mode: Cinematone2, Level 8
Color Level: -2
Color Phase: -1
Color Depth: R -2, G +3, B +4, C +7 M +2, Y +7
WB shift: LB -1, MG/GR: -2, R -2, B0
Detail: -2


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